FUSION: Focusing on University Science Interpretation and Outreach Needs

Event management

The McEwan Hall -- Edinburgh's LERU Kids' University 2005

By its nature, SCI-FUN has visited many hundreds of schools, and has been involved with hundreds of other events. The team has, therefore, considerable experience in the organisation of such visits, experience which can help our research partners to organise their own public engagement events.

Risk assessment

We carry out formal risk assessments as an integral part of the University assessment scheme, for all events in which we take part. (In many cases, our risk assessment procedures are more extensive than those required by a hosting venue.) Unusual exhibits – such as the carbon capture and storage interactive, which is used in many non-SCI-FUN events – have their own assessment process.

Safety checks (including electrical safety PAT tests) are carried

out regularly, and all possible hazards are determined (and preferably avoided) before an exhibit is certified for use in the Roadshow.

Exhibit design

All interactive and exhibit construction takes into account user, site and operational safety as part of the initial design considerations, and any possible hazards are clearly notified to partners and other users.

When visiting schools and festival events throughout Scotland, the SCI-FUN Roadshow team carry out safety appraisals of all venues, and make sure that the shows and hands-on exhibits are safe for pupils, teachers and the general public.

An extensive contact list

SCI-FUN maintains an extensive database of contacts for secondary schools in Scotland, which simplifies the logistical processes involved in arranging event visits, organising venue space, and integrating our visit with the local school timetable. In addition, we have contacts with many of the exhibition venues and science centres throughout the country, which helps to expedite initial discussions regarding forthcoming events.

Organisational skills

If required, we can coordinate all aspects of event advertising, promotion, design, theming, exhibits, displays and presentations. We can also carry out staff and volunteer training (both in terms of the event content, and more generally with regard to health and safety).


Examples of events organised and run by the SCI-FUN/FUSION team include the following:

  • The MRC CRM Family Day, Nov 2008
  • The IET Christmas Lecture: Nov 2010

  • LERU Kids' University events, 2005 & 2006
  • SCI-FUN at the Edinburgh International Science Festival (over many years)

  • Science Festivals in Orkney, Shetland and the Western Isles