FUSION: Focusing on University Science Interpretation and Outreach Needs
Graphic design

We can provide a variety of graphics services, aimed specifically at outreach engagement projects. From initial concept to final camera-ready copy: we develop banners, posters, brochures, textbook illustrations, 3D modelling, logo design, animation, and audio-visual production; all themed to fit our partner’s particular event or project.

As science graduates, our group has a strong science background, which makes the graphical realisation of complex scientific topics more straightforward.

The links below (and the menu options opposite) give more information, including examples of our work.

Below are some miscellaneous images, designed for a variety of projects.

The BMI 5-a-day edible hand The Mathematics card deck
The 5-a-day edible hand, one of the motifs used in our BMI exhibit, part of the health cluster of interactives SCI-FUN's Christmas card: click on the image above to see inside. Using its knot logo, a School of Mathematics pack of cards...
A simple diagram showing the Earth's geomagnetic field
Tony Blair -- upside-down faceColour adaptation
A science stopwatch
Perhaps the most popular FUSION image, with (as of Aug 2013) over 400,000 versions out on the web, including one at NASA's Goddard Space Flight centre... A couple of examples of graphics from our Senses show, which looks at some of the ways in which our visual and auditory systems respond to external stimuli. Click on either image to go the relevant Roadshow page, with more examples. To illustrate a presentation on the Science in Sport, a suitably-instrumented three-core-science stopwatch (Greek symbols for Physics and Maths equations, the four nucleotides for Biology and the four basic elements of organic chemistry...)
INYS: conference on food safety
INYS conference: Linnaeus in the twentieth century
Three of the booklet covers created for conferences run by the group "International Networking for Young Scientists", run by the British Council, bringing together young researchers from across the world. The themes for the conferences above were: functional foods; the anniversary of Linnaeus; and the development of nanomechanical sensors.