FUSION: Focusing on University Science Interpretation and Outreach Needs
The FUSION team

FUSION currently consists of the following team members (who also work within the SCI-FUN Roadshow).

FUSION manager: Peter Reid
Fusion technical consultant : Mark Reynolds
With a background in computing, physics, electronics, graphic design, and teaching, Peter first joined SCI-FUN as its development officer, and he is responsible for all of the group's science content.

Peter manages the FUSION projects listed on this site, which includes the overall design of all FUSION and SCI-FUN exhibits, presentations and materials. He is the principal liaison with research groups throughout the College of Science and Engineering, and the wider university.

Mark's long experience in delivering the SCI-FUN Roadshow – to many hundreds of venues and audiences throughout Scotland – means that he is ideally placed to understand (and overcome) the many problems and constraints imposed on the design of engagement exhibits and interactive demonstrators (constraints that may not immediately appear obvious to our partners). Mark's work forms a key component of the interactive design guidelines.

He is primarily responsible for the mechanical, electrical (and increasingly the electronic) design of FUSION projects.

Mark has links to technical groups throughout the College of Science and Engineering, and has worked closely with technicians from the Schools of Physics and Engineering.

Contact Peter on 0131 651 3596 Contact Mark on 0131 650 7404
SCI-FUN Roadshow manager: Stuart Dunbar
Stuart is involved in all discussions as to the use of FUSION exhibits by SCI-FUN, and helps to ensure that the interactives and presentations designed by the team are suitable for use in that context. He is the liaison for external groups who wish to make use of the SCI-FUN Roadshow as a means of engaging with a public audience.
Contact Stuart on 0131 651 3597