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Climate Change

Our Climate Change presentation is essentially a speedy introduction to a very complex subject. If we had the time, we could include a lot more detail on the current situation that faces the human race.

If you would like to know more, there is plenty of information on Climate Change that can be found very easily on the internet. (Just type "Climate Change" into a search engine and you’ll see what we mean...) To make things slightly easier, we have listed a few sites below to act as a starting point for discovering more yourself.

If you know of any other good Climate Change websites, email us and we will add them to the list. Happy searching.

Useful Climate Change Links
General overview of Climate Change issues:
A UK government site which explains climate change issues in an accessible way. The topic is divided into general areas so it is easy to find the information that you are after. Climate Challenge
This site hosts the advice and reports of the WMO Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) which won the Nobel Prize alongside Al Gore in December 2007. It is aimed at the general public and the majority of the information is aimed at an adult audience. Their new reports have recently been published, including... IPCC
...this document which contains frequently asked questions based on current scientific knowledge. This part is aimed at a secondary school level and above – well worth a look. IPCC frequently asked questions
The Royal Society. A UK based view on things – this is aimed at secondary school level and above. There are plenty of pages devoted to opinions and debates from those scientists directly involved in climate change research. The Royal Society
Climate change issues are broken down into main questions and then guides you through the answers. (Our presentation images for the greenhouse effect can be found in an animation hosted on this site!)
SEED Climate Change
A site aimed mainly at older primary school pupils. Explains the issues through examples and provides many resources and ideas for teachers too. Climate Choices
Further evidence (which we didn't have time to include in the presentation):
Two links to animations which cover a range of the evidence associated with planetary Climate Change from changes in the ice on our planet through to changes in our atmosphere. Details on the technology used to obtain the evidence is also included. NASA 1NASA 2
Further examples of the disappearance of glaciers all across the planet. The home page of this website also provides further evidence of Climate Change in the form of photographs and comments from scientific experts. World View of Global Warming - glaciers
What difference can you make?
A list of various things that a person can do to reduce the damage that they are personally doing to the planet. Also includes links to further advice and information. Carbon Footprint
An EU site with sections aimed at primary, secondary and teachers - tries to put the information in a manner suitable to the audience. EU Advice
This site gives access to the “calculate your carbon footprint” calculator. This asks for information about travel and electricity use, etc and uses this to work out how much carbon you have added to the atmosphere. You can then compare it to the national average and perhaps get practical advice on cutting down the size of your “footprint”.
Footprint Calculator
An excellent game that puts you directly in the potentially awkward position politicians across the world are facing. You are the President of the Earth and have to decide on future policy so that Climate Change is halted (or even reversed) but without risking the financial state of the planet. Good luck! BBC Climate Challenge Game
A collection of games, aimed at all ages and abilities, which have been developed by people throughout Europe. EU Games
Scotland’s own climate change website – with plenty of online games. There are also some other resources for teachers that can be accessed through this site. LTScotland Climate Change
Climate Change latest news:
An excellent climate change news site – the best we’ve found online. It lists the latest headlines concerning climate change collecting stories from all over the world (sources includes Reuters and Associated Press). Updates virtually everyday. Yahoo Climate News
Another news site that collects information from many reports. It also contains background information as well as debates on important parts of the Climate Change debate. BBC Climate News
A collection of up-to-date news articles on Climate Change alongside debates and editorials on related issues. Guardian Climate News
A page of news stories on climate change issues which is constantly updated. It also has further links to climate related topics at the bottom of the page. Climate Ark