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The Fusion group

As part of the reorganisation of SCI-FUN, we are pleased to be able to announce the launch of a new outreach group within the College of Science and Engineering.

FUSION (Focusing on University Science Interpretation and Outreach Needs) is the creative arm of the SCI-FUN Roadshow, and is responsible for the design and construction of outreach exhibits (mechanical, electronic and graphical) and interactive shows. In addition, the team offers expertise in graphic and web design, animations and multimedia presentations.

FUSION has two main aims. First, as an outreach enabling resource within the University (and as a partner in grant proposals with a public engagement component); and second (in collaboration with SCI-FUN) to provide the means by which outreach projects, exhibits and presentations can be taken both to schools and to the general public audience.

A separate FUSION website will be created, which will provide more information on the services that are offered by the group.
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