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Science in the Parliament
2nd November 2005

In 2005, Science and the Parliament was officially five years old.  And with three hundred guests attending, the event on 2 November at Our Dynamic Earth was certainly a celebration.  The Deputy First Minister Nicol Stephen kicked off with an uplifting speech on the central role that science now plays in Scotland’s economic policy.  He encouraged the participants to help Scotland achieve his vision “for Scotland to develop as a “science nation” where research, creativity and innovation are fundamental to its future success.”

Parliamentary Question Time was addressed by nine senior MSPs, including three conveners and a Minister, in four break-out sessions covering health, education, enterprise and lifelong learning and the environment.  This was followed by a session with five representatives of the Scottish Science Advisory Committee.  The awards ceremony allowed us to pay tribute to some excellent young scientists who achieved top marks in their exams with Education Minister Peter Peacock presenting the prizes.  The Society is grateful to Shell for the sponsorship of the Higher and Advanced Higher Chemistry Awards.  Alistair MacLean received a service award from the Society’s President Dr Simon Campbell.

To make the most of the exhibition it was extended to cover the registration and mid afternoon break in addition to the usual evening slot.  Participants were able to relax and network amongst the 25 exhibitions from a range of societies, science centres and companies.

SCI-FUN were once again invited to take part in the afternoon sessions and the evening exhibition. SCI-FUN Roadshow and extended PP4SS exhibits were on display (including information on the ongoing Cairn Gorm project).