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Cosmic Ray Muons at
Café Scientifique

14th November 2005

As one of the events for Einstein Year, and as part of the Café Scientifique's series of lectures, Alan Walker and Peter Reid gave a short presentation at Edinburgh's Filmhouse Bar on the muon lifetime experiment carried out at the Ptarmigan top station in Cairn Gorm.

Pictured opposite with Alan (click for a larger image) is Ingrid Burt, the 5th year student frm Beeslack Community High School in Penicuik, who carried out a feasibility study on using our muon kit and a suitably high mountain, to replicate the classic experiment which shows the effects of high speeds on the clocks of moving objects.

Unfortunately (we feel), Ingrid's calculations showed that a mountain in Scotland would be high enough for the experiment to show meaningful results. Glum faces and cancelled bookings to Mont Blanc all around...

Find out more about the PP4SS muon lifetime project here.