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2000-2008: 500 school visits

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On Wednesday 16th January 2008, SCI-FUN made its 500th visit to a school in Scotland (or Cumbria!), returning to Holy Rood High School in Edinburgh for the eighth year in a row. (Holy Rood and Eastwood High School in East Renfrewshire have been our best customers: we've visited them every year since 2000.)

We were visited during one session by Professor Charles ffrench-Constance, Deputy director of the MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine, with Ph.D student Lara Moss, as well as Ann Bruce, Scientific Administrator at the Roslin Institute.

Note that SCI-FUN bookings have now been extended to July 2008: click here for more information.
Some interesting statistics:

Between 2000 and 2008 our roadshow has delivered just under 4000 hours of shows, talks and hands-on exhibits, to over 90,000 pupils throughout Scotland.

86% of the schools we've visited have been outside Edinburgh. Even if we include local regions (the Lothians and Fife), it's still the case that 68% of Schools we've visited lie outwith the Edinburgh area.
Click on the map on the left for an overview of our travels since SCI-FUN proper started in 2000. (There are links to a variety of sizes: the map has to be quite large before you can see all the schools.....)
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