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SCI-FUN's visit to CERN
for the 50th Anniversary event

More information on our recent PP4SS trip to CERN will be posted here soon. In the meantime, some of the first images taken during the visit can now be viewed by clicking on the thumbnails below.

Each of the major LHC detector experiments – CMS, ALICE, ATLAS and LHCb – will be discussed briefly (with links to the more detailed CERN sites). — Peter

The Principal LHC Experiments
Click on the images and text below for information on each of the main LHC experiments, currently under construction (as are the pages below...):
Click below to visit the CERN website, and learn more about the world's largest particle physics laboratory; or click on the other link to go straight to the 50th anniversary celebrations.
CERN -- the world's largest particle physics laboratory CERN's 50th Anniversary