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Arriving at the School
Set up
Hall layout
Subject choice
Pack up
Evening sessions

Brief Summary:
  • Our two vehicles deliver the entire roadshow to your door.
  • We can arrive first thing in the morning, or the day before the show is due, at a time which suits your schedule.
  • We build up a database of access issues for every school we visit.
SCI-FUN's vehicles
SCI-FUN takes everything it needs to schools throughout Scotland: up to fifty exhibits, with tables; the materials for two shows; the careers presentation, with projector and screen; displays, banners and information stands; as well as two or three presenters and a technician! This doesn’t all fit into one van...

We operate two vehicles: a 7.5 tonne lorry and a 7-seat people carrier (generously donated by the then Scottish Executive), both shown above. (For those with longer memories, our old van finally gave up the ghost, and was gracefully retired.)

Arriving at the new school
These give us the flexibility to take the full Roadshow to all parts of Scotland. We're also looking at ways to take spin-off shows to local feeder primary schools, while the main roadshow visits the associated secondary schools.

It takes us very little time to set up the roadshow, as you'll see in the next section, but we know that it can be difficult for schools to provide us with access to the hall or gym where we will set up our show, at set times. (Click here for more information on the space and power requirements of the roadshow.) We can arrange to set up the show on the morning of the first session, or we can arrive after school has finished on the previous day; it's up to you.

We record access information on every school we visit, which lets us keep track of particular problems we encounter (such as narrow entrances, lifts, ramps and stairs), for use in future visits.