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Hawthornden Court
The image below, taken from the fifth floor of the new Museum of Scotland, looks down onto the Hawthornden Court, where part of the SCI-FUN event was held. Click to see medium-scale (1Mb) and large (2.5Mb) images. (The full-size image is over 7500 pixels square, and isn't posted here.)
The Hawthornden Court at the Museum of Scotland
The image is built from 21 individual pictures, stitched together using the PTGui image composition package. Below you can see the individual pictures (with exaggerated edges), as transformed and placed by the program, before the masking of individual images has been carried out.
Noise deconvolution was carried out with NeatImage, and Photoshop was used for the final image augmentation, which included the inclusion or masking of people from the different component images above. (The pictures were taken over a period of 30 seconds, and lots of movement occurred in that time. Indeed, one man moved so much that he could be included twice... Spot the (modified) duplicate in the final picture.)

The blank region at bottom-left is due to the barrier on level five of the museum, obscuring some of the view. (In particular, the EPCC stand, more SCI-FUN exhibits and the subset of the PP4SS display, brought down in the second week, which can be seen on the main festival page.)