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SCI-FUN at the
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SCI-FUN took part in the 2006 Edinburgh International Science Festival, with exhibits and displays in both the Museum of Scotland and the Royal Museum (PP4SS in the Discover Science section of the Science Zone).
Below is a birds-eye view of part of the SCI-FUN event in the Hawthornden Court of the new Museum of Scotland. Click on the circles in the image to find out more about some of the elements in the event, or (if Javascript is turned off on your browser) click on the links in the second row of menus above.
Click here for a larger version of the panoramic photograph below, including details on how it was constructed.
Einstein and the Cosmic Rain
Einstein and Cosmic Rain -- Particle Physics at the Science Festival
Extending its involvement from last year, the PP4SS project had on display more of its science exhibits, as part of the festival's Science Zone, run as a collaboration between the museum and the University.

This year, the central exhibit around which the others were displayed was the muon lifetime experiment (described in more detail on the PP4SS exhibit page). It was used to make measurements which confirmed that Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity is, in fact, true.

This is the last major exhibition for the particle physics cluster before their rollout to secondary schools in Scotland.

The first image below shows the PP4SS stand in the Science Zone on the second floor of the Royal Museum, during the first week of the Festival, with an encouragingly large number of visitors. The Science Zone hosted a new set of stands In the second week of the festival, and a subset of the PP4SS exhibits were brought down to the Hawthornden Court area; the second image below shows the mini-PP4SS stand, with Peter Higgs, his son and grandson looking on.

Our Volunteers
As with the LERU Kids' University event in November, our ten days at Science Festival wouldn't have been possible if it hadn't been for the help of our team of volunteers, listed below. Our thanks to all of you:
Sujit Bhattacharya, Marco Colombo, Caroline Francis, Bree Goodbrand, Richard Han, John Hylands, Natalia Issaeva, Allan Jardine, Nick Johnson, Gavin Halcrow, Stephen Kyle, Siobhan Liddle, Andre Luzardo, Emma McLoughlin, Amit Kumar Mishra, Catherine Murray, Robert Noble-Eddy, Helen Owen, Julia Perez, Ted Schlicke, Daria Sokhan