SCI-FUN: The Scottish Science and Technology Roadshow
A University of Edinburgh student helps a girl with the Pangaea exhibit during a science festival

Additional Information for University Students

Your help is crucial in enabling us to take the Roadshow activities out to S1/S2 pupils, as well as to public audiences.

There are two main aspects to your role:

  1. assisting with the practical setup and packing up of the tables and activities; and
  2. helping the pupils/public interact with the exhibits during sessions.

Setting up and packing away

Depending on the arrangements made with each venue, the set up will be done the day before the sessions, or perhaps at the beginning of the same day. Packing away will begin after the final session is complete. You’ll be informed about the arrangements for the day(s) that you’ll be assisting us prior to your involvement.

SCI-FUN staff will lead the setting up, but there is plenty to do: trolleys to be moved, tables to be set out, and exhibits to be plugged in. We couldn’t do it all on our own. It should take about 90 minutes from arrival for everything to be in place.

Supporting our audiences

During the sessions themselves, you may be asked to lead a group of S1/S2 pupils around the activities, or to specifically look after a few of the exhibits. In school venues, senior pupils will also assist, and there will be a training period ahead of the first session.

General advice is available on the Information for Assistants page – covering the questions most of our assistants have – to help bring you up-to-speed ahead of the visit itself.

A University of Edinburgh student demonstrates the Periodic Table exhibit to a group of three girls
An overhead view of a group of boys investigating the Coanda Effect with a teacher looking on

Dress code

All of this should be straightforward!

Wearing sturdy shoes (e.g. walking shoes) for the setting up and packing away of the Roadshow is mandatory. (Feel free to bring more comfortable shoes to change into for the actual sessions if you would like.) No blue jeans or trainers please.

We’ll also provide you with a SCI-FUN polo shirt (or University T-Shirt) to wear, which should be the uppermost layer you have on. If you think you may be chilly, wearing another t-shirt or thin long-sleeved top underneath is fine.

(Please don’t try to put the polo shirt on over a hoodie though…!)