SCI-FUN: The Scottish Science and Technology Roadshow

Booking the SCI-FUN Roadshow

This year, the majority of our school visits are taking place in south-east Scotland - close to our base of operation. A visit usually takes one or two days, depending on the number of sessions required and our existing schedule.

The visit fee is £50. Please be aware this is non-refundable once the visit date has been confirmed.

The all-important documents

To arrange a visit, a booking form needs to be completed and returned to confirm the provisional arrangements agreed directly with the SCI-FUN team previously. This form is available below along with some background notes for visit organisers:

If anything within these documents is unclear, please contact us with any questions.

Pupil on the Power Bike
A senior pupil demonstates the Mechanical Centrifuge exhibit to a group of four girls during a school visit

Making a booking

It is recommended that sessions are a single school period in length and involve approximately 40-50 S1/S2 pupils at a time.

For this group size, approximately 10 senior pupils to assist during every session is ideal. Each session will allow the pupils to explore our hands-on activities after a short talk explaining what they need to do.

To aid the training of senior pupils, we have preparation advice available, which aims to improve the overall experience for the seniors as well as the younger pupils. (A training session will still take place during the visit, but generally seniors find it useful to have some details about their role ahead of our arrival.)

To begin to arrange a visit, email with the dates that are potentially most suitable for you. (Please include two-day slots in case we cannot complete a visit in a single day.) We will then respond as soon as possible.