SCI-FUN: The Scottish Science and Technology Roadshow

A taste of the Roadshow

To get a sense of what the Roadshow offers, please view the video below. In addition, our feedback report, available towards the foot of this page, provides a summary of teachers' opinions on the work we do.

Please be aware that filming for the video took place when presentations were delivered at the same time as the exhibits. This year, a talk including information about current scientific research topic and subject choice guidance is available separately.

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Our feedback report

All 32 teachers that coordinated our school visits in 2011/12 provided their views on the Roadshow scheme through an online questionnaire. The key conclusions are provided below.

    A total agreement in the belief that the Roadshow visit increased pupil interest in studying science further;
    91% of contact teachers rated the visit experience for the S1/S2 pupils as 9/10 or more;
    The most important element of the scheme is the collection of hands-on exhibits, with 94% of respondents rating these at the highest level; and
    94% of contact teachers would strongly recommend the scheme to other teachers.

Please click here to download the executive summary of the report. Alternatively click here for the full feedback report.

A boy investigates the effects of the Gyrowheel exhibit during a school visit