SCI-FUN: The Scottish Science and Technology Roadshow
Girls explore Lifting is Believing activity

The SCI-FUN Roadshow Visit Structure

Our main programme focuses on our collection of hands-on activities, which our feedback consistently shows is highly regarded by the wide variety of audiences we visit. A presentation including current scientific research themes and subject choice guidance is available separately.

What we require for a potential venue

We need an assembly or gym hall in order to set up everything, or alternatively, a couple of neighbouring classrooms might provide enough space.

Enthusiastic senior pupils to act as guides for the S1/S2 are vital to the success of the visit, and they will be trained once the setting up is complete. To help prepare the seniors for their roles, training information is available elsewhere on this site.

Our current programme

Sessions are intended to last for a single-school period, which should make it a simpler task to secure the involvement of the senior volunteers for their part of the programme. (We appreciate, however, that this can be difficult at certain times of the year.)

The majority of our exhibits have links to the Curriculum for Excellence to support the work that is done in class. A comprehensive list of our activities, and the curriculum statements they support, can be downloaded here.

To find out more about arranging a visit, see the information available on this page.

A girl helps a boy investigate the Life Through Time exhibit during a school visit