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8th – 17th April 2010

SCI-FUN and PP4SS took part in the 2010 Edinburgh International Science Festival as part of Discover Science with The University of Edinburgh, with exhibits and shows in Adam House (SCI-FUN) and the National Museum of Scotland (PP4SS).

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SCI-FUN and PP4SS at the Edinburgh International Science Festival 2010
SCI-FUN at Adam House
3 Chambers Street
near the National Museum of Scotland
8th – 17th April 2009
Free drop-in event and show
Drop in event: all ages; show: 8+
The Survival Show – free each day
40 minutes. Age 8+

SCI-FUN shows -- Survival: ancient senses in a modern world

Survival: ancient senses in a modern world
The dangers may have changed since prehistoric times, but our senses haven’t...
Find out more about how our senses have evolved to help us survive.