FUSION: Focusing on University Science Interpretation and Outreach Needs
FUSION -- Interactive design
Welcome to FUSION

Building public engagement partnerships throughout the University

FUSION is a new University science outreach group, working alongside the SCI-FUN Roadshow, with two main aims. First, as an outreach enabling resource within the University (and as a partner in grant proposals with a public engagement component); and second (in collaboration with SCI-FUN) to provide the means by which outreach projects, exhibits and presentations can be taken both to schools and to the general public audience.
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FUSION aims to:
  • encourage closer collaboration with researchers in the College of Science and Engineering, to support their public engagement ambitions and requirements;

  • increase SCI-FUN’s capacity to incorporate more contemporary research into the outreach programme; and

  • provide additional funding streams to help support the Roadshow
FUSION -- presentations

FUSION offers researchers:

  • a team with a science background, simplifying the task of developing research materials;

  • a wide range of support skills, well-suited to the design, development and roll-out of complex, research-oriented engagement exhibits and presentations;

  • the pedagogical skill-set to translate complex research topics into a form suitable for a variety of non-specialist audiences;

  • extensive experience (with the SCI-FUN Roadshow) of targeting schools and science events throughout Scotland; and

  • the organisational expertise and professional standards needed to successfully run engagement events.

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