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Roadshow Feedback Reports

Since 2009 we have provided an online questionnaire for contact teachers to submit their opinions on various aspects of the Roadshow programme. We have been successful in getting responses from the majority of these contacts, and used this information to compile our feedback reports.

Click on the links below to download a PDF version of the reports:

These feedback documents confirm that the Roadshow is an important experience for the pupils that we visit, at a crucial time of their education. As well as this confirmation, the responses have also given us ideas for the future development of the Roadshow scheme.

Sample quotes from the summary documents (and from previous years) are listed below.

Sample quotes (2010/11)
"Having recently taken a group of pupils to the Science Centre, SCI-FUN offers as much impact for substantially less cost per pupil."
D Dalgleish, PT Physics, St Augustine's RC High School, Edinburgh
"SCI-FUN is a very positive experience for S2 pupils. It allows us to discuss science as a whole school and gives a view on science outside school that can be difficult for teachers to do. It is extremely professionally presented. The organisation of the event prior to the visit is so smooth that it makes it very easy for me to organise in school. The presenters are very good and work very well with our pupils. They are terrific. We fully support the SCI-FUN Roadshow and think that all S2 pupils would benefit from the talks and hands-on activities."
Liz Anne Jaffray, PT Physics, St Ninian's High School, East Dunbartonshire
"As always – very professional. SCI-FUN is an excellent showcase for science and, as society demands more of the subject, it would seem to be sensible that projects such as this should be permanently centrally funded. The new 'hands-on' displays looked good! Thanks again to the team."
Ian Haining, Tynecastle High School, Edinburgh
"We have had the Roadshow visit for many years now and know from our trawl of pupil course choices that it does make an impact on the number of pupils opting for two science subjects. I have never been disappointed in the content."
Head of Science, Edinburgh

"Another outstanding visit from the SCI-FUN team! Our S2 pupils were both amazed and enthralled by the slick presentation and engaged enthusiastically with the practical activities. SCI-FUN has an intrinsic place in helping to promote the choice of two (or even three) sciences here at Bearsden Academy as our presentation statistics bear out. S2 pupils leave the event enthused for the sciences and our senior pupils also benefit from the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities as 'confident individuals' and 'successful learners'."

Richard Ford, PT Physics, Bearsden Academy, Bearsden
"One of the most useful presentations we have had in the school. Pupils really enjoyed the hands-on exhibits and are already asking when the Roadshow is coming back. Excellent in raising awareness and addressing the importance of science and subject choice."
Dr Rob Campbell, PT Chemistry, Lossiemouth High School, Moray
"Hands-on practical sessions and thought-provoking presentations. I would like to thank SCI-FUN for coming to the Western Isles and putting on an excellent show that was greatly enjoyed by all."
Hamish Budge, Education Support Officer, Eilean Siar
"I can't wait to do science."
P7 student, Kinlochbervie High School, Highland
"Don't think you should try to change it. If it isn't broken...  A great job, well done."
Anthony Tuffery, Depute Headteacher, The Nicolson Institute, Eilean Siar
"If they had events like this when I was at school I might not have studied a second language."
A Christie, PT Modern Languages, St Augustine's RC High School, Edinburgh
"Whole event very good. Presentations excellent – kept pupils’ interest from start to finish. Interactive displays fired enthusiasm. Superb event which pupils loved."
PT Chemistry, Moray
"Extremely worthwhile experience, pupils are enthusiastic and in awe of some of the Science experiences. We would always wish to take part in the Roadshow, but funding is becoming increasingly difficult for all..."
Allison Henderson, PT Science, Ullapool High School, Highland
Sample quotes (2009/10)
"Another excellent experience for our S2 pupils! SCI-FUN continues to engage, enthral, educate and entertain in equal measure. The quality of the presentations was again first-class and the opportunity to interact with the exhibits was very positively received."
Richard Ford, PT Physics, Bearsden Academy, Bearsden
"I found SCI-FUN very enjoyable... it made me change my mind about what sciences I was going to take."
S2 Pupil from Bearsden Academy, Bearsden
"I've spoken to both the senior and junior pupils and had a lot of positive feedback from them. It was described as 'amazing', 'fun', 'informative', 'interesting', 'well explained', 'kept you wanting to know more'. Some of them found the most memorable bit the scary slide from the presentation! They also liked all the information panels as they gave them a lot of information in a form they could access, and liked the fact that during the presentation they were required to participate. The seniors found it quite daunting in some ways to begin with, but reckon they enjoyed it as much as the juniors!"
Liz MacRae, PT (Science), Gairloch High School, Highland
"SCI-FUN brings much of the experience of a visit to a science centre to our doorstep. Apart from cost and time saving, a greater number of pupils can attend with less impact on their learning in other subjects."
Martyn Crawshaw, Faculty Head of Sciences, Millburn Academy, Inverness

“The SCI-FUN Roadshow was a fantastic event at our school with inspirational young scientists presenting science in a fun and dynamic way. The quality of the exhibits was very high and cannot easily be seen by our pupils without travelling over 200 miles normally."

Stewart McPhail, Depute Head Teacher, Farr High School, Highland Council
“Extremely professional, slick presentations totally matched to the S2 age group."
Liz Anne Jaffray, PT Physics, St Ninian's High School, Kirkintilloch
"As usual, the high level of professionalism makes it very difficult to see where improvements could be made."
John Meharry, Technician, Beaconhurst School, Bridge of Allan, Stirling
Other comments received since 2007
"In the week following the Roadshow, pupils discussed it in class, and the impact it has had cannot be understated. It has fired their enthusiasm, motivated them to learn and many have expressed an interest in taking their sciences further which is great news, not just for us at course choice selection next week, but as a nation that desperately needs to develop scientists.
I realise the expense that a venture like this costs, but it is the kind of initiative that contributes so much towards improving science in Scotland."
Audrey McAuley, PT Science, St John's Academy, Perth
"The feedback from the pupils themselves was very positive as they not only thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and experiments but also recognised the importance of science as a whole in the school curriculum and society. Over the years this has proved to be invaluable and has contributed to the great success and popularity of all the sciences at Eastwood."
Graeme Gardner, DHT, Eastwood High School, Newton Mearns, East Renfrewshire
"I feel it is essential that this event continues not only because of the high quality of the event but also as we are desperately trying to increase the uptake of Science in the UK and it definitely helps us show science as an interesting relevant subject that pupils will benefit from taking."
Audrey Price, Acting PT Science, Girvan Academy, South Ayrshire