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The Scottish Science & Technology Roadshow
A Brief Summary
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A feedback report on the operation of the Roadshow can be found here. (The redeveloped website will include a full feedback section.)

Here is an overview of the main SCI-FUN Roadshow; the menu above gives a more detailed description, as well as information on all of the other SCI-FUN offerings.

We visit 50-60 schools each year throughout Scotland, and approximately 10,000 pupils take part in the roadshow. Sessions are timed to fit with the school timetable, minimising disruption.

  • The entire S2 year-group is included – up to 300 pupils per school – with more limited access for P6/7 classes. (The exhibition requires a large hall, available for at least 24 hours.)
  • The activities are available within the school, allowing all teachers access at their convenience, and reducing the time taken from classroom teaching for both pupils and teachers.
  • The cost of travel is eliminated, or reduced for visiting groups.
  • The three sciences are given a balanced presentation.
  • The importance of mathematics to support science is emphasised.
  • Other relevant subject areas such as technology and computing are included.
  • For the most part, the pupils are actively involved and supervised.
  • Approximately 40 minutes are spent in the hands-on area.
  • S5/6 pupils are trained as helpers.
  • Each group of 5 or 6 pupils is guided by a university student or senior pupil.
Why are we needed?
  • There is a shortage of students taking science options at Standard and Higher grades, and the percentage of pupils taking more than one science at S grade is low.
  • UK skills do not match the needs of a knowledge-driven economy.
  • There is an ongoing skills shortage: the UK has a smaller pool of scientists and engineers per capita than our competitors.
Science or Fun?
  • An imaginative blend of education and entertainment, SCI-FUN helps teachers to encourage young people to continue studying science and technology subjects beyond S2.
Our Aims
  • To enhance the teaching of science to 10-14 year-olds;
  • to enhance awareness of the relevance of science to our society;
  • to promote enthusiasm and interest in science;
  • to take interactive science to remote areas; and
  • to produce more young scientists and engineers.