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Particle Physics for Scottish Schools
About PP4SS
pp4ss logo and strap In July 2004, Alan Walker and SCI-FUN were awarded a grant of £33,000 from the Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council (now part of the Science and Technologies Facilities Council), to fund the initial stages of a project entitled PP4SS (Particle Physics for Scottish Schools). This project aims to support Physics teachers, engaging pupils in physics by introducing particle physics at a stage when many pupils may be considering turning away from the subject. The resources will also be available for senior pupils taking advanced physics to encourage the further take-up of physics at university.

Click on the menu links above to find out more about our range of exhibits, our display at the Science Festival, the trip to Cairn Gorm to conduct a classic experiment, and our visit to CERN for their 50th anniversary.

Below: the display panels for the PP4SS exhibit at the Science and the Parliament event. (Click each for larger images.)
PP4SS panel top left
PP4SS panel top middle
PP4SS panel top right
PP4SS panel bottom left
PP4SS panel bottom middle
PP4SS panel bottom right