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Sponsors & Links
The SCI-FUN Scottish Science-Technology Roadshow is managed by the College of Science and Engineering at The University of Edinburgh with assistance from:
The involvement of a wide range of organisations is crucial to the success of SCI-FUN. This can take a number of forms:
  • Sponsorship of a specific event;
  • Donations to fund development of the exhibition;
  • Donations of exhibits specific to the company interests;
  • Loan of equipment;
  • Short term secondment of employees to help staff exhibitions.
The links below should be of general interest. Links appropriate to specific science topics will be included alongside the relevant exhibits, as the exhibit pages are posted.
Science Information
New Scientist
BBC Science
Crocodile Clips
Science Festivals
Orkney Science Festival
Moray Science Festival
Edinburgh International Science Festival
Science Centres
Our Dynamic Earth (Edinburgh)
Royal Observatory Visitor Centre (Edinburgh)
Satrosphere (Aberdeen)
Glasgow Science Centre
Science Museum (London)
Sensation (Dundee)
Techniquest (Cardiff)
National Museums of Scotland
Exploratorium (San Francisco)
Professional Organisations
The Royal Institution (RI) (London)
The Royal Society of Edinburgh
The Royal Society (London)
Association for Science Education (ASE Scotland)
The Institute of Physics (IoP)
The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)
British Science Association
Research Councils
Science and Technology Facilities Council
Medical Research Council (MRC)

Biotechnology and Biological Sciences
Natural Environment
Engineering and Physical Sciences
Other Science Initiatives