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"Even after 30 years teaching, I've learnt things I didn't know, and this was probably the best scientific presentation I've ever seen" [the Senses Show]
Each Roadshow visit to a school takes broadly the same format: two shows, a subject choice presentation and a hands-on session are offered to the entire S2 year. (Click on the Roadshow link above for more detail on the sessions as a whole.)

We are currently offering the following Roadshow presentations (click on the images or text below for more information, or for supplementary links to topics covered in the show):

SCI-FUN shows -- Hot Topics in Research
SCI-FUN shows -- The Senses
The Senses -- a 2007/8 science show
Hot Topics in Research
The show briefly looks at some examples of scientific research that are currently going on within the University of Edinburgh.
The Senses
Investigates aspects of vision and hearing; pupils take part in a variety of group experiments, covering topics such as synaesthesia and hearing loss.
Climate Change
We discuss some of the evidence, possible causes, and potential cures for the current changes in the planet's climate.
SCI-FUN shows -- Survival: ancient senses in a modern world
SCI-FUN shows -- Stem Cells
SCI-FUN shows -- TBA
Survival: ancient senses in a modern world
The dangers may have changed since prehistoric times, but our senses haven’t... Pupils find out more about how our senses have evolved to help us survive.
Stem Cells
A brief introduction to an exciting area of current medical research, which holds great promise – and also offers many challenges – for our society.
A new show... TBA
We are currently developing a new show, and hope to phase it into the Roadshow soon.

In addition to the science shows described above, we also give a short presentation on the important issue facing S2 (and sometimes S1) pupils: which subjects to take (and which to drop) for future years. Find out more by clicking on the link below.

SCI-FUN shows -- Subject Choice
Choosing Science
It's probably the first real decision an S1/S2 pupil has ever made in his or her life... In our short presentation we talk about why it's worth taking a little time to think about which subjects to choose ... and what career doors will close if sciences are dropped.

Comments from schools
"Even after 30 years teaching, I've learnt things I didn't know, and this was probably the best scientific presentation I've ever seen" [the Senses show]
James W McHardy, former PT Physics (Woodside Secondary), Notre Dame High School
“It was a very successful day. The teaching staff found it valuable and pupil response was great. They especially enjoyed the activities but quite a few commented on the stem cell presentation - it opened many eyes to the possibilities. It also complemented very well our curricular input to "Moral Dilemmas" where groups of pupils have to discuss issues - including stem cell research - and produce class presentations with their findings and opinions.”
Iain Stewart, former PT Science Development, Preston Lodge High School
“Our students greatly enjoyed the opportunity to take part in the roadshow and try different hands-on practical work.  The information regarding why to choose a science in the future was great and showed our students the different applications a science subject could have. I am glad you enjoyed your visit, we all had a great time!”
Karen Maitland, Biology teacher, Queensferry High School
"Many thanks again for all your efforts yesterday. The kids have been raving about the event especially the gorilla, the bike and the chair. Adding to my previous comments, I can say the SMT [Senior Management Team] were very impressed by you guys, your presentations and also the kids’ behaviour!Many of the kids have been asking a lot about various scientific careers - I think you have inspired and set off a few sparks of interest!!”
Ian Haining, Tynecastle High School

“Hope these comments from the girls help:
‘Great fun, learnt a lot’; ‘Really fun and interactive’; ‘Interesting talks, easy to follow and had cool pictures’; ‘The chair was awesome’

 I found the morning really interesting, the girls got a lot from it and were engaged throughout the session. A great day.”

Claire Megarry, St George’s School for Girls
“On Wednesday 1st October 2008, the SCI-FUN team from Edinburgh University came to visit St George’s. They started off with a fascinating presentation on Stem Cells. Then we got to try some fun experiments that they had put together for us. These included a chair that represented circular motion, a power bike that showed how much power you could generate. They finished off with an interesting PowerPoint on Optical Illusions and our different senses. It was overall a great experience!”
Sally, Rachel and Beth (Upper 4), from the school newsletter, St George’s School for Girls
“Thank you for bringing the roadshow to Liberton.  The kids really enjoyed the experience and the seniors who helped also had a great time.”
Graham Crawford, PT Science, Liberton High School
"The visit of the team was an outstanding success. The quality of the presentations/presenters was very good and all pupils loved the various activities. It was good to hear pupils say how much they enjoyed the practical aspects of the day as science experiments in the classroom are being restricted all the time as a result of health and safety issues. All staff in attendance thoroughly enjoyed the presentations also. I was impressed with the personalisation of the careers information mentioning Alexander Fleming as a former pupil of our school - we are trying to introduce more relevant local/national knowledge into all areas of the curriculum and this tied in very well with our objectives. We would be very keen to have a return visit next year."
Aileen Hollywood, Depute Head Teacher, Kilmarnock Academy
"Very many thanks for your fantastic trip to Peebles High School. We were highly impressed with both the quality of your lectures and the quality of the hands-on exhibits. The lecture last night to about 130 parents and pupils was the icing on the cake for me - a great event for both SCI-FUN and Peebles High School. Your organisation in getting set up and getting out of the hall was impressive to say the least."
Ken Taylor, Peebles High School
Just to let you know that I heard nothing but VERY POSITIVE comments from staff and pupils. I''ll collate these and get them to you. The rector was also very impressed and has suggested that we write a letter of appreciation.
Tom Ross, Perth Academy
"On behalf of Eastwood High School I would once again like to congratulate you and your team on another superb Roadshow. The feedback from the pupils themselves was very positive as they not only thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and experiments but also recognised the importance of science as a whole in the school curriculum and society. Over the years this has proved to be invaluable and has contributed to the great success and popularity of all the sciences at Eastwood. We all appreciated the hard work put into the Roadshow and hope that we will have the opportunity of inviting you to inspire next year's S2 pupils."
Graeme Gardner, DHT Enterprise
"SCI-FUN brings a little fun and excitement to pupils which I feel is often missing nowadays. Science teachers are constantly under pressure to cover the coursework which leaves little time to "breathe the air and smell the flowers" and make the subject interesting and stimulating. This is of course a subjective view.

I particularly liked the talks which caused the pupils to engage with wider issues in science such as global warming and hearing loss in young people. There is certainly not much time to dwell on such matters in school.

The hands-on exhibits were excellent and really seemed to stimulate the pupils – particularly the ones which involved physical input from the pupils."

David Johnston, Network Liaison Officer, WestWHAN
"SCI-FUN for Upper 4s" ... All the lectures and activities were enjoyed by everybody and gave a great insight in to how science is important and can really be fun! SCI-FUN is one of the very few activity group who cater for S2-S4 year groups and are one of the best at what they do.
St. George's School for Girls
"Thank you for the SCI-FUN visit; this is an extremely valuable exercise for our pupils. All pupils enjoyed the event and benefited from all the presentations. I feel it is essential that this event continues not only because of the high qulaity of the event but also as we are desperately trying to increase the uptake of Science in The UK and it definitely helps us show science as an interesting relevant subject that pupils will benefit from taking."
Audrey Price, Acting PT Science, Girvan Academy