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SCI-FUN and PP4SS at
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6th – 14th April 2009

SCI-FUN and PP4SS took part in the 2009 Edinburgh International Science Festival as part of Discover Science with The University of Edinburgh, with exhibits and shows in Adam House (SCI-FUN) and the National Museum of Scotland (PP4SS).

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SCI-FUN at Adam House
3 Chambers Street
near the National Museum of Scotland
6th – 14th April 2009
Free drop-in event and show
Drop in event: all ages; show: 8+
SCI-FUN's hands-on exhibits were available each day, all day, free of charge! Here's just a brief sum up of just a few of the things you could find at Adam House:

Just how much power can you generate with your legs? Try the Power Bike, and find out. Afterwards, examine your heartbeat – and try our Body Mass Index exhibit – to find out just how fit you really are(n't)...

Test your reflexes with our Batak machine: can you beat the best times for the Festival?

Find out more about Stem Cells: we'll have exhibits, displays and film clips, as well as an award-winning film made for the MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine

Listen to heart, lung and stomach sounds on our Diagnosis Dummy: can you work out what's wrong with the patient?

Exhibits for the under 12s: we'll have a full range of SCI-FUN Primer exhibits, for our younger visitors.

Stand under the Cosmic Ray Doorway, and watch as your body is pierced by particles from space. Try your hand at running the Large Hadron Collider, and see if you can find the Higgs Boson...

And, as well as the hands-on exhibits......
The Senses Show – free each day
30 minutes. Age 8+

SCI-FUN shows -- The Senses

PP4SS: Higgs Boson and the LHC
 at the National Museum of Scotland
Special Exhibition Gallery, Level 3
10th – 14th April 2009
Free drop-in event

Higgs Boson and the LHC
Click the image to see a larger version

Drive your own particle accelerator, discover the Higgs Boson, and detect cosmic rays from outer space, with the hands-on exhibits provided by the Particle Physics for Scottish Schools team.

The image above shows Professor Peter Higgs, standing in the Large Hadron Collider tunnel at CERN. Above and below the photograph are four Feynman diagrams, showing the likeliest ways in which the Higgs Boson will manifest itself at the LHC, as the product of the interaction of other particles at high energies.

Click on the image above, or here, to see a larger version.

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