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The Physics Poster Competition
See photographs of the winners here
During the Science Festival we exhibited the work of the seven finalists in our Physics poster competition. The posters – which you can see below (and also on the original bird's eye view of the Hawthornden Court) – attracted lots of interest from the general public, with many comments as to the high standards of the entrants.

Each team consisted of three or four S3-S5 students, with a supervising teacher. The teams provided content and initial artwork, while the graphics and printing facilities of the University (and Peter's help from SCI-FUN) were used to realise the final posters. All of the work, in terms of content, image selection and layout, was carried out by each team: there was no final tweaking!!

Our judging team consisted of:

  • Alan Walker, senior lecturer in Physics at the University of Edinburgh, and creator of the PP4SS project;
  • Dr Stuart Monro, Director of Science at Our Dynamic Earth;
  • Gert Jan and Johan Detollenaere, from the University of Leiden, who took part in last year's LERU Kids' University, and who were visiting the SCI-FUN event at the Festival;
  • Peter W Higgs, Emeritus Professor of Physics at the University of Edinburgh, whose name (click here) cropped up on several of the posters!
Each of the posters can be seen in greater detail by clicking on the images below. (Full-size A1 copies were sent to each participating school.)
St. Joseph's College
Kirkcudbright Academy
Saint Joseph's College
Lewis Fitzpatrick, Michael Osmond,
Shaun Reid, Greg Rusca
Kirkcudbright Academy
Jack Barrie, Mathew McAllister,
Joshua MacPherson, James Whiteside
Gracemount High School (1)
Gracemount High School (2)
Gracemount High School (1)
Rachel Edington, Lauren Nicol,
James Robson, Lynn Rough
Gracemount High School (2)
Sarah Ferguson, Erin McGill,
Dawn Malcolm
James Gillespie's High School
St. Leonards
James Gillespie's High School
Peter Ellis, Leo Rampen,
Zoe Lawrence, Gabriel Lewis
St. Leonards
Jonathan Baird, Francis Dilley,
Joshua Lipworth, Stewart Mackenzie Shaw
Banff Academy
Banff Academy
Kevin Angus, Kay Copland,
Victoria Mutch, Frances Shaw
The Winners....
In the end the judges came to the following decision:

The winning team of Jonathan Baird, Francis Dilley, Joshua Lipworth and Stewart Mackenzie Shaw, with their teacher Catherine Dunn, will be visiting the CERN Nuclear Research laboratories in Geneva, at a date to be arranged.

Click here to see the presentation to the team at St Leonards.

Runners-up prizes of Particle Physics books (including the excellent introductory text "The Particle Odyssey") will be sent to the commended schools.

Thanks to Daria Sokhan and Susie Allison, students with the School of Physics, who helped liaise with some of the student teams.