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The Layout of the Roadshow
Set up
Hall layout
Subject choice
Pack up
Evening sessions

The roadshow can be fitted to a variety of different sizes of room, and we have included some sample layouts here. (You can view an online GIF image, or download a vector-graphic PDF file, which can be printed to any scale.)

Several of our exhibits use mains power, and we require access to at least one wall with 3-pin power sockets. (We bring our own extension leads and power adapters.) As you can see by clicking on the images opposite, we position the exhibits to fit the available supply.

The hands-on session is usually (but not always) carried out in a single area, often behind the shows. A few of the exhibits, such as the spinning chair, the exercise bike and the giant bubble, require a few square metres of space. (See the image opposite.)

It is straightforward to split the hands-on exhibits into several areas, if only smaller rooms are available, though one larger space is to be preferred.