SCI-FUN: The Scottish Science and Technology Roadshow

Science-based materials

Over the years, we have produced many materials to support and extend the impact of our main Roadshow scheme. (For more details on our past work, go to our history page.)

Some of these areas are:

Topical Science: several areas of research

In 2010/11, we developed a presentation that looked at specific areas of scientific research in which the University was involved. These areas are still part of the core research portfolio today. Click here for further information and links concerning the following topics:

  • Carbon capture and storage (CCS)
  • Smidge - a new insect repellent
  • CERN and the search for the Higgs boson
  • Stem cells for blood transfusions
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iPS Cells visualisation slide

Climate Change

An ongoing area of discussion, which receives a great deal of interest in the media across the world. We have plenty of useful links through our presentation page available here, which may be a useful place to start for classroom debate projects or for general information.

Stem Cells

This is a tricky area to research independently online. The results of our own searches (eventually) led to a range of links that may be useful for classroom-based collaborative discussions. Another excellent source of information and educational resources can be found at the EuroStemCell website.

Our Senses

We uncovered a lot of information that unfortunately could not be squeezed into our Senses presentation. Find out about synaesthesia, visual illusions, colour adaptation, perception and much more through this link.