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The SCI-FUN Roadshow
Session 2007/8

Up to this point SCI-FUN has offered the main Roadshow for the S2 year, SCI-FUN Primer for P6/P7, and has begun to work with other University groups on exhibit clusters and workshops for S5/6 (such as PP4SS).

A new challenge
Our challenge this year is twofold. First, we intend to build, or further strengthen, ties with the various science outreach groups across the University. As an example of this, SCI-FUN recently took part in the “Green Houses: Carbon Free Living?” event at Our Dynamic Earth (shown here), an opportunity to collaborate with other university outreach groups. Exhibits, displays and workshops were on hand from the Schools of Chemistry, Physics, GeoSciences and Engineering, accompanied by new SCI-FUN exhibits and posters on a variety of climate change topics. We are actively seeking further events of this type in the coming session.

Images from the Dynamic Earth event
SCI-FUN at “Green Houses: Carbon Free Living?”, Dynamic Earth
SCI-FUN at “Green Houses: Carbon Free Living?”, Dynamic Earth

This is the first part of a much broader initiative. Discussions are ongoing between the University of Edinburgh and other higher education institutions, science centres and the Scottish Executive, to find new ways in which science outreach can be organised throughout Scotland. As the year progresses we will have more information on the involvement of the SCI-FUN group in this venture.

A new Roadshow schedule
This year we are altering the traditional delivery schedule for the SCI-FUN Roadshow. Visits to secondary schools throughout Scotland (with associated Primer and evening session events) will take place every other week. On those weeks when we are not taking the standard roadshow to schools, we will be carrying out a significant number of SCI-FUN Primer visits to local schools (the catchment area being those schools whom we can visit and then return to Edinburgh in a single day). In addition to this, we will be offering schools a variety of workshops for secondary pupils, in association with postgraduate students and others from the university. More information will be available soon.

One consequence of our changed schedule is that we are already overbooked for Roadshow visits at many times throughout the year, and will be unable to fulfil requests from some schools. To offset this, as well as to broaden our connections with other university groups, we will vigorously promote all of the other university science outreach activities to such schools, via our website, in direct school mailing, and during our visits throughout the year.See the current Roadshow schedule here.
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